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nice carpetSelecting a professional carpet cleaning service may seem easy, but it can be more complicated than you expect. You must choose one that is well-established and have trained and skilled technicians who are well-informed in dealing with the kind of carpet you have, and are professional enough in performing their job. You need to research the various cleaning companies prior to hiring them so that you get your money’s worth through very clean carpet.

Check the warranty of your carpet when it was first installed. See if professional cleaning is mentioned there and what the requirements of the manufacturer are in choosing a cleaning company. There are carpet manufacturers that require the professional cleaner to have an IICRC or Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

List down all the questions you wish to ask of potential professional carpet cleaning service providers. Questions should be on the method to be used, price, certifications, time frame of cleaning and bonding. Contact the cleaners you like and ask the queries you have listed down. Review all the answers the cleaners have given you and see which one of them would best fit your budget and provide your needs. Ask your relatives, friends, neighbors and officemates if they have worked with any of these cleaners.

You should always ask a professional carpet cleaner for their insurance. If ever they destroy anything in your house as they do the cleaning, the items would be replaced. If the cleaner does not provide you with proof of insurance, this may mean they do not have one or they are new to the business. Either way, it is best not to deal with them.

Aside from knowing how to select the carpet cleaner for you, you should also know the cleaning standards required of processional cleaners. When you know these standards, you will know what questions to ask from the cleaners. There are standards and testing that the IICRC offers.

HoustonThere is the IICRC S100 which serves as the official guide for professional cleaners which cover the least standards for every cleaning method used. This also has information on customer assessment and the essence of pre and post cleaning inspection. This manual can be found online and can be bought from the website of the IICRC.

The IICRC advises customers to get the services of reputable, skilled and licensed technicians of a carpet cleaning service. There is a referral service provided by the IICRC for clients who are searching for professionals in the locality. You should therefore ask for referrals, credentials, written quotes, warranties and satisfaction guarantees from the cleaners prior to choosing one. The professional cleaners that are following IICRC guidelines already anticipate customers to ask for such items.

The IICRC standards involve five components in carpet cleaning and these are eliminating dry soil, suspending and extracting the soil, washing off the cleaning solution, carpet grooming and then drying the entire area. You need to inquire from potential cleaners to tell you the cleaning equipment and agents they utilize every step of their cleaning method, how these vary and the advantages they provide you.

Hiring a professional has many benefits. Your carpet would become fresher and cleaner as skilled cleaners have access to different cleaning techniques and chemicals which are not immediately accessible to customers. An example would be rust stains which require acid to remove them. This is unsafe for homeowners to try.

In determining the frequency of having your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service, there are many things to consider. You should think about the amount of traffic your rug gets. The areas where there is too much traffic by both humans and pets should be professionally cleaned as much as four times a year. For areas that do not receive much traffic, they should be cleaned once a year.

Health issues should be considered when determining the number of times rugs must be cleaned professionally. If someone in the family has allergies, cleaning must be done regularly so that allergens in the carpet and air would be eliminated. The bottom line is that carpets must be cleaned by professionals once to four times annually depending on the traffic received.

These are the tips in selecting a professional carpet cleaning service, the standards to look for, the benefits of having clean carpets and the frequency of cleaning them.


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