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Upholstery Cleaning Houston Including Your Mattress

chairsUpholstery Cleaning Houston

The next addition to our office cleaning solution line is upholstery cleaning Houston. This is an ideal cleaning need that provides our customers with one solution for all of the cleaning necessary within their home.

When implementing our upholstery cleaning strategy, we undergo a detailed process to ensure that you receive the best possible cleaning treatment available today.

Not only that, we also possess a great deal of experience with this type of cleaning and we are recognized as one of the best in the Houston area.

Our technicians will thoroughly look over your upholstery to make sure we implement a proper cleaning procedure. This will guarantee that we can meet your specific needs.

We will also apply fabric protector to make sure that your fabrics continue to last and stay clean for as long as possible.

Let’s take a look at the process in greater detail…

Step #1: Pre-Inspection

We will test your upholstery to determine the fabric content. Once we know the content, we will be able to choose the correct cleaning process, solution and technique to remove permanent stains and other unwanted areas of concern.

Step #2: Preparing the Area

When treating the upholstery, it’s important to prepare the area first prior to cleaning. We do not want to accidentally damage the surrounding furnishings, so the area is prepped and safeguarded from unintentional damage.

Step #3: Pre-Vacuum

During the pre-vacuum stage, we vacuum all textiles prior to cleaning. This step is necessary to remove any dry soil, loose dirt and built-up particles. It removes the unwanted debris from the cracks and crevices to ensure proper cleaning.

Step #4: Pre-Treat

At this stage, depending on your fabric, we will use a special solution specifically designed for your fabric type. We will use this to emulsify the soil before we begin the official cleaning process.

Step # 5: Pre-Spot

During this part of the process, we will pre-treat any of the difficult spots that will need special treatment. We use special solutions and cleaning products to give us the best possible chance at removing the unwanted stains. There’s never a guarantee, but it gives us the best possible chance and it increases the likelihood of perfection.

Step #6: The Pre-Groom Stage

Now is the time where we gently groom the fabric. We do this with upholstery brushes, and we use it to loosen up the soil.

Step #7: Extracting the Soil and Rinsing

Now we’re really getting into things. This is where we actually extract the stain removing the soil using a gentle rinse in a controlled way. This is the best possible way to remove stains, and it’s an important aspect of upholstery cleaning Houston.

If you think we can help, don’t hesitate to contact Archer Carpet Care. Call now to get a free quote.

Step #8: Neutralization Process

In order to make the fabric soft to the touch, we apply pH balance. This is an integral part of the process.

Step #9: The Post Spot Phase

Now is the time to treat any additional spots. We use special stain removal products to make this happen.

Step #10: Post Groom and Speed Dry

We gently comb the fabric and prepare it for drying. Then we use high velocity air movers in order to quickly dry the fabric.

Step #11: The Final Inspection

It’s now time to review our work. We thoroughly look over the results and make sure that we did a great job.

If you need our help with upholstery cleaning Houston, please call the number on this page.

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