You can start to feel that way

You can start to feel that way when your body starts to get clean and in tune like a racehorse. That’s the first part. Okay. And you said to make it challenging. So, your immune system, basically, 70 percent of your gut is your immune system. We’ve got the flu season coming up. We’ve got the holidays coming up.
It’s a stressful time for everybody. You’re starting to eat better by making some liquid nutrients in the morning. I’m going to suggest that everybody take a probiotic. Probiotics you can buy as a supplement. There are a lot of great brands out there. Where should they go? They can go to their local health food store.That’s probably the best place to go. I use a brand called Dr. Ohhira’s. I don’t make money off of Dr. Ohhira’s. There are a lot of great brands out there. I think PBA is one. When you start to strengthen your  gut health you’re affecting your immunity.
So, as a patient, when people are saying what are you working on, are you working on shrinking tumors, are you working on cancer…
…I’m working on my immunity through strengthening my gut health. Got it. So, what should they notice about when they start taking a probiotic? You might notice that your bowel movements are more regular.Okay. That’s like a very obvious thing. That’s good.
You go, nice, champion. Then, for me personally, you’re just going to see there are greater, longer stretches of time where maybe you didn’t get a cold. Yeah. Everybody else got a cold, but you didn’t. Everyone else has the sniffles. You don’t have them.
To me this is fascinating, especially because I wasn’t really raised around health food or anything like that. When you say you ate this and that, I totally resonate with that. I ate a lot of great home cooked food when I was at home, but then when I was in my early twenties I was just eating the worst stuff possible.
I’m putting myself back in that early 23 year old guy’s mentality. I’m like, this green juice thing sounds really weird. Then I think to myself, all right, you know what, maybe it is weird. But, I would be willing to try it for five days. Let me try it for five days. If it’s wrong I’ll throw the rest of the cucumber in the trash and I’ll never do it again. But, if it works, if I actually can sense a little bit more energy, then whoa. That could change my entire life just for trying something for five days.And if you want to put it through this filter you can put it through the filter at The Competitive Edge. Which is basically like, for me, the feedback I get from women is, your skin looks so great.What do you do? What products are using? They’re internal. It’s not about what I put on my face. And for guys the feedback I get sometimes is, she is a bolt of energy. She’s just nonstop. I can’t even compete with her or keep up with her. Not like they can’t, you know what I mean, she’s just full bodied.
And where does that come from? It comes from my spirit, but it also comes from the fact that I love taking care of myself, and it does show.
Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t get sick. It doesn’t mean that I’m perfect. It doesn’t mean I don’t have things that I’m working on. But, I have seen a big difference.

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